Kitchens Renovations

Add value to your home with a new kitchen.

Bathrooms Renovations

Your dream bathroom is just a phone call away with Hubby For Hire.

Interior & Exterior Painting

A little paint will go a long way and your home will appreciate it.

Wood & Tile Floors

Here is an idea, fresh new look with wood or tiled floors.

Garage Renovations

The best gift of all, a new garage with plenty of storage and space.

Other Renovations

We renovate almost anything you can think of for your house.

Drywall Repair

Need to patch or replace drywall in your house, we can do that too.

Grout Repair

We could replace and re-grout your tile floor or bathroom tub.

Plumbing Repair

We also repair and install new plumbing for your home or office.

Door Repairs

Installation of new doors and repairs to existing doors and windows.

Ceiling Repairs

We also repair holes or damage to your home ceilings.

Lighting Repairs

We can replace or install your new home lighting fixtures.

Lawn Design Work

We can design and renovate even your lawn and home exterior.

Replace Sprinklers

We can repair or replace your sprinklers and irrigation system

Install Appliances

We can install all your appliances. Washer, Dryer, Refrigerator, Etc.

Toilet Installation

We even install new toilets for you. We do the dirty work.

Install Ceiling Fans

We replace and install all types of ceiling fans for your home.

Other Handy Work

There is more we do for you. You dream we can help you.