Construction Permits in Cape Coral

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on September 26, 2012

Working without a permit could cost you. Not only by fines and liens against your property but in some cases because of liability. In some instances insurance companies can refuse to pay a claim because the work was performed without a permit and the work was not done up to code. Hubby For Hire will help all of you with the permit process and application and will be there during all the city inspections. When you hire a handyman or contractor in Cape Coral, make sure they are licensed, bonded and insured. Do all the work with the proper permits and make sure they pass inspections before making the final payment. For a free estimate for your next project call us today 239-313-8334.

Below is a link to access all forms and permit applications from the city of Cape Coral.

Forms and Permit Application


For additional information or to download permit fees, CLICK HERE.

The fees could change at any time. Ask about specific items for accurate quote.

Our estimates are good for 30 days.

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